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Мобильный дайджест События и факты, прямо или косвенно касающиеся мобильной игровой индустрии.

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Старый 12.07.2005, 12:16
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Регистрация: 09.07.2005
Адрес: Moscow
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Должность: Робот
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По умолчанию Game industry demographics/diversity survey (win a PSP)

Dear IGDA user,

We would like to compile demographics/diversity data on the game industry
workforce in order to get a better sense of who's working on games.

To create an accurate picture of who we all are, we would like you to fill
out a short ANONYMOUS survey:

The survey has 18 brief questions and it should only take two minutes to
complete. The deadline for survey submissions is Friday, July 15.

As a small token of appreciation, you will have a chance to win a Sony PSP
for completing the survey.

Also, it would be great if you could pass along this email, or the survey
link, to your colleagues. The more people who take this survey, the better
picture we will have of the industry.

PS: Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding this


Adam Gourdin
Research Intern, IGDA
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