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По умолчанию Android Apps Cost Just As Much As iPhone Apps, Sometimes More

In a side-by-side comparison, a report found that consumers are paying roughly the same amount for applications on both the iPhone App Store and Google’s Android Market, according to by Distimo, which compiled the results.
That’s true among a wide range of categories, however, there’s also a few exceptions, TechCrunch reports. For example, the average price for a reference app on Android is about $9, which is more than twice what people pay on the iPhone. Finance and social networking apps are also slightly more expensive, and while games are about the same, if you break it down by price distribution, Android owners are paying more. For instance, the top iPhone games sell for 99 cents, while many more Android games cost up to $5.
One explanation for this disparity, at least when it comes to the reference apps is that there’s more expensive dictionary apps on the Android platform that would skew the results. However, it’s also not too hard to believe that prices have been pushed down on the iPhone due to competition. The App Store has roughly 65,000 apps, whereas Android has closer to 6,000.

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