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По умолчанию Chaney's Zattikka Acquires Mobile, Casual Game Developer Gimme5Games

Zattikka, the new gaming company founded by former Virgin Interactive President Tim Chaney, has made its first acquisition: casual and mobile game developer and distributor Gimme5Games. Financial terms were not disclosed, though Gimme5’s three employees—including founder and Eidos vet Matt Spall—are joining as part of the deal.
Chaney (pictured) founded U.K.-based Zattikka with Mark Opzoomer, the former VP and managing director of Yahoo Europe. He told MCV that the company had acquisitions in mind back in June; the goal is to build a network of casual and mobile game sites backed by multiple studios and developers. Spall left Eidos to launch Gimme5 this year; the startup, also based in the U.K., had already released two iPhone games and set up its free-to-play Flash games site. Release.

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