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Мобильный дайджест События и факты, прямо или косвенно касающиеся мобильной игровой индустрии.

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По умолчанию Thumbplay launches new mobile portal


First Direct-to-Consumer Mobile Portal Provides Content with Pay-As-You-Go And Subscription-Based Models; Creates Easy Billing Model for Users

NEW ORLEANS --- ThumbPlay, a leader in the delivery of wireless content to a wide variety of networks and devices today announced the launch of, the largest U.S.-based wireless mobile entertainment portal, which offers consumers a faster, easier way to order ringtones, images, and games directly to their phones without having to use a credit card. works across most U.S. carriers and all handset models ensuring an easy ?two-click? transaction for all content. includes more than 10,000 pieces of unique mobile content that include more than 6,000 ringtones, more than 2,000 images, and more than 500 games Consumers can choose from two different subscription models, which include 1 ringtone, 1 image or 1 animation in any combination per week, at $.99, or 2 ringtones, 2 images or 2 animations in any combination per week for $1,99. Visitors to can also choose to buy individual pieces of content as a single transaction. will debut European content ? such as Swedish bikini models ? into the U.S. market and will serve as the company?s foundation for future product and service offerings to consumers and carriers.

According to Frost and Sullivan, the U.S. wireless content market is expected to reach between $1.7 billion and $2.3 billion by 2005, with games and data applications as the leading categories. With U.S. wireless consumers increasingly using 3G phones, the search for relevant content becomes critical. Search engine Overture notes that its users conduct more than 2 million ringtone-related searches each month.

?What Expedia is for online travel, is for wireless content. The direct-to-consumer model is just starting in the U.S. market, and ThumbPlay is leading the way,? said Are Traasdahl, CEO of ? is a new concept for the U.S. wireless consumer. We offer more choice, easier navigation and lower prices than what is offered to the customers today. We are taking wireless content into a mass market arena. Visitors to will find a wireless superstore for online content that is cooler and edgier than what is currently offered, with much more attractive prices.? is reflective of the trends in the European content market, estimated at $4 billion, where more than 70% of revenue is generated with direct-to- consumer models. Today, the U.S. wireless content market, estimated at $400 million, generates 99% of its revenue on the carrier?s deck.

? is positioned as the leader of the U.S. market?s trend toward broader distribution channels for wireless content, as publishers, broadcasters, and corporations seek to reach users through their handsets and create stronger, more persistent relationships,? said Chip Austin, general partner of i-Hatch Ventures and a director of ThumbPlay. ?With an appealing, easy-to-use portal, ThumbPlay can build its customer community in an organic fashion and offer a range of innovative applications that are at once unique and broad-based for the evolving mobile consumer.?

ThumbPlay, headed by mobile media experts, is headquartered in New York City, and serves the needs of the growing mobile media industry, enabling television producers, music artists and producers, film and Internet producers, mobile handset manufacturers, retailers, and mobile operators to deliver mobile content in creative promotional packages that can be programmed over any wireless network and any mobile device.

ThumbPlay?s managerial team has extensive wireless entertainment experience, and has worked with the top wireless carriers and media companies in the U.S. and internationally, including News Corp., Disney/ABC, Viacom, Univision, Telemundo, Verizon Wireless, Cingular/AT&T Wireless, Sprint PCS, and T-Mobile.

ThumbPlay, which is backed by i-Hatch Ventures and Redwood Partners, has a content management system that enables video, audio, and text to be delivered through all channels and networks, and can be seamlessly billed through participating mobile carriers, enabling greater revenue shares for its partners.

To contact ThumbPlay, call 917-941-6804 or send email to
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