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По умолчанию BT Returns To Mobile Market With Home And Mobile Broadband Product

BT (NYSE: BT) is back with another attempt in the mobile market. The UK's largest fixed line operator and former incumbent launched a new mobile package today, BT Total Broadband Anywhere, which gives customers broadband at home and on their mobile, as well as a choice of two Blackberry-style smartphones from Taiwanese handset maker HTC starting at ?23.99 ($27) per month. The service allows consumers to make mobile calls off Wi-Fi connections at home and at BT hotspots around the country. It switches to Vodafone's network when neither of these two options is possible. In 2001, BT was forced to spin off its mobile division BT Cellnet (later rebranded as O2 and acquired by Telefonica) to satisfy the regulators, and tried to re-enter the market with its BT Fusion product. But the service was a disappointment, attracting only 45,000 subscribers in three years. Meanwhile, BT has watched as mobile networks have begun entering their market, with Vodafone (NYSE: VOD), Orange and O2 all offering a home broadband product. (release).
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