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Mobile Phones Обсуждение новинок появляющихся на рынке, а также аспектов разработки игр под различные модели сотовых телефонов и консолей.

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По умолчанию High-End Handset Round-Up!

If you have the means...
Posted: Friday, 20 August 2004 by Avery Score

Bigscreen BREWtooth
Model: Motorola V710
Price: $300 (retail)
Carrier Availability: Verizon

What's Cool:

The Motorola V710 is the gilt-edge handset of Verizon's BREW crew. Exuding luxury, this delicately contoured clamshell boasts an external LCD that's bigger than many phones' main displays. As for the internal screen, it's a sight to behold. With 262,000 colors, the TFT display is bright and beautiful, which is perfect for exhibiting all of those photos you'll want to take with its 1.2 megapixel camera or for premièring the video clips you'll be shooting with its impressive camcorder feature. Add to this the fact that the V710 is Motorola's first BREW phone with Bluetooth technology, and you've got a very attractive prospect.

Equipped with an ARM9 processor, the V710 is currently the best way to play BREW games. If you've been playing on just about any other BREW device, expect load times to be slashed, frame rates to jump, and your adrenaline vessels to pop. If you're a gamer with a Verizon contract, this is the phone you want.

What's Lame:

Clamshells are big and bulky--and the Motorola V710 is no exception.

Overstuffed Series 60
Model: Nokia 6600
Price: $250 (retail)
Carrier Availability: All GSM

What's Cool:

The oblong Nokia 6600 looks almost like an overfilled doll that's bursting at the seams. If you look at the phone's impressive feature set, it's not hard to understand why. The device shrinks the power of the aging 3650 into smaller-form factor, but it adds a 176x144 pixel QCIF camcorder to the mix. The phone performs exceptionally well with Series 60 Java titles, and it handles streaming audio and video with aplomb. Its controls--represented by a keypad and a navigational joystick--were crafted with the gamer in mind. Additionally, while the 6600 isn't exactly being sold at bargain-basement prices, it's slightly cheaper than the other phones in this lineup.

What's Lame:

While a significant design improvement over the 3650 or 7650, this is still a bulky phone. Those looking for a compact Series 60 solution might be better served by the Nokia 7610. Also, 65K colors are too few these days.

Design Triumph
Model: Sony Ericsson K700i
Price: $429 (retail)
Carrier Availability: All GSM

What's Cool:

The Sony Ericsson K700i is probably the cutest phone ever. It's also a technical powerhouse. From a design perspective, the K700i should be commended for its versatility. Viewed from one angle, it's a digital camera/camcorder; while viewed from another, it's a phone. The device builds on the innovations of its predecessors by adding a 640x480 camera (which is of a considerably higher resolution than that of the T616) and a QCIF camcorder that's capable of taking 15-second video clips. A full-featured media player comes preinstalled on the device, so the phone's fully capable of assailing your senses with movies or MP3s that you've uploaded to the device via Bluetooth. If you tire of your music collection, you can always listen to the radio. The K700i's headset has a built-in antenna to grab those FM broadcasts. You can even make your own tunes in the phone's proprietary music creator program, which features preprogrammed loops for four MIDI instruments.

From a gaming perspective, the K700i delivers. Buying this handset is currently the only way to play the superlative Super Real Tennis, which comes preinstalled on the device. Apart from being one of the most graphically impressive games we've ever seen, Super Real Tennis sports really solid gameplay. The K700i's Java performance doesn't stop with this title, either. You'll find it more than adequate for all of your gaming needs.

What's Lame:

Sony Ericsson, take note: Your navigation joysticks have been chintzy and unreliable for far too long. Now that they've gone fully analog, this problem has been compounded. Human thumbs are only so dexterous, so perhaps bigger controls are in order.

Gamester's Paradise
Model: Nokia N-Gage QD
Price: $300 (only $99, with T-Mobile plan)
Carrier Availability: All GSM

What's Cool: The Nokia N-Gage QD, without a doubt, is the best current solution for mobile gaming. Judged as a console, it may be mediocre. However, from a mobile enthusiast's perspective, the N-Gage is where it's at. The QD, which is a redesign of the original N-Gage, makes several important changes to its predecessor's admittedly weak design. You won't have to take out the battery to change the game anymore, and you're not expected to waste your time trying to select things by using the center of the directional pad. Now, a separate button is responsible for this function.

What's Lame:

In trying to reduce the phone's image as a schizophrenic device, Nokia decided to remove MP3 playback functionality from the QD. You can still install software to handle your tunes, but this is both CPU-taxing and silly. It's generally a better move to add functionality to a device rather than remove it.

<table> </table>
High-end handsets are getting smaller and more powerful at quite an alarming rate. So if you want to maintain your early adopter status, it would be advisable to pick up one of the above devices before everyone else has done so. Otherwise, I suppose you can wait for the inevitable price drops. Sigh.
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