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По умолчанию Google Delays Android SDK; May Give Developers More Time To Be Distracted By iPhone

Google (NSDQ: GOOG) said last week that its developer kit for Android will be delayed for several weeks while it makes significant changes. As part of that, it will also push back the deadline for its $10 million Android Developer Challenge. The timing now means the challenge—and even the Android SDK—will come out about a month later after Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) is expected to release its guidelines for building applications for the iPhone. Apple's developer kit is expected later this month.
"Based on the great feedback you've given us, we've made significant updates to the SDK that we'll be releasing in several weeks," Google said in a post on its Android. "In order to give you extra time to take advantage of these forthcoming UI and API enhancements, we've decided to extend the submission deadline. In addition, a fair number of developers have also asked for more time to build and polish their applications."
But you've got to wonder if developers will set aside an iPhone project that they are working on to develop an application for an operating system that isn't yet running on handsets?
Google said the deadline for submissions has been moved to April 14, or more than a month after the original deadline of March 3. A second round of submissions were expected to occur later this year when the first Android handsets became available. The grand prize and runner up will now be announced July 21, Google said.
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