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По умолчанию Macworld Roundup: Truphone; UClick; Craigslist

Apart from the new ability of iPhone owners to buy iTunes songs over 3G networks there wasn't much iPhone news at Macworld—or indeed of anything very much, with several sites describing the conference as disappointing and underwhelming and even suggesting that the real reason Steve Jobs wasn't there was because there was nothing interesting to announce (although I've seen him successfully hype some pretty dull things in my time). There's some mobile-related news coming out, though:
WebEx on iPhone: WebEx has launched a service that lets you attend web meetings with your iPhone. "It's a much richer experience than just connecting to a conference call — you can see documents, presentations, screens, and other material on your phone, and also send instant messages to other conference participants" notes VentureBeat.
Truphone adds services: Truphone has added the ability to make and receive Skype calls and instant messengers from its iPhone and iPod touch applications, due to be available next week. Other IM services added are MSN messenger, Yahoo Messenger and Google Talk, as well as support for Twitter notes macnn.
uClick indexes cartoons: UClick has launched a mobile application/site for iPhone users, tweaking it specifically for the handset. It has an index to all the comics, cartoons and comic strips on the iPhone App Store where they sell for (usually) 99c. (release)
Craigslist on iPhone: Next Mobile Web has launched Craigsphone, which makes the online classifieds site Craigslist available on an iPhone. The application lets users browse and post listings, including the ability to upload photos and share your location. (Macworld)
Eye-Fi enters iPhone: Eye-Fi is developing an iPhone application that will allow Eye-Fi card owners to send photos from an iPhone directly to organized folders on their computers and/or to one of 25 online photo sharing and social networking sites. The photos will be automatically geotagged. (IntoMobile)
Pandora Radio V2 Launching: Pandora Radio Version 2 for the iPhone. It's still free and ad-supported, but will contain 30-second samples for bookmarked songs, the ability to create a station based on a current song, station sharing via email and a song progress bar reports VentureBeat.
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