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По умолчанию Craigslist Fun: iPhone For World Peace, BabySitting And Everything Else In Between

Here's some choice iPhone-related posting on Craigslist:
-- iPhone Baby Sitting: I am a software developer. I am great with electronics. I am willing to baby sit your iPhone when you need some "me-time" away from it. I promise to take care of it, and return it shiny. My rate is negotiable.
-- Free iPhone for Mortgage Refinance Loan: "I will offer anyone a free iPhone if they connect me with themselves or a friend that is looking to refinance. This could be to lower the payments, get cash out or for other investment purposes. This is the real deal. They must do the loan through me to get the iPhone. I'm serious about this. Please e-mail John (me) now. Thank you, thank you."
-- Missed Connections: "I saw you at our "bank" today at around 2 pm. You were the guy with the "New York" shirt. We were waiting in line, and you asked me about my DS. You said you were waiting for the iPhone to come out. Then we talked about the Wii."
-- IPhone For World Peace: "Hey – if you want to save the world through consumerism, how about paying $100 for a smart phone from the competition and donating the $500 you saved over an iPhone to UNICEF? That'd make you a part of the solution instead of irritatingly self-righteous. You listening Mark Morford?"
-- The new iPhone Waiting Business: We are a new buissness starting out. We are sitting in line out front of the mac store in walnut creek. Spots 1-5. we will have 4 phones avalible for purchese. starting 6:01pm friday. We are also selling two spots in line for $500 each.
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