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По умолчанию Updated: Facebook App Lands In Google's Android Market—Two More Apps Coming Soon

I’m currently en route to Facebook’s Mobile Media Mixer in Palo Alto, and what should happen to appear in the Android Market? The social networking company has finally launched its first application for the Google (NSDQ: GOOG) mobile-phone operating system.
So far, it sounds like a fairly simple application with initial feedback calling it more of a Twitter client, and many saying it’s light on features. The one noteworthy feature is the widget, which provides information directly on the homescreen. It is apparently gigantic and nearly takes up two-thirds of the page, reports
I’m sure I’ll hear more about it this evening, so I can provide an update later. UPDATE: Just met a handful of the 15-or-so people from the Facebook Mobile team on the company’s rooftop deck. Head of Mobile Henri Moissinac talked about the company’s momentum in mobile. Last week, they announced they have 65 million active monthly mobile users, and that’s mostly before updating the recent iPhone app, launching the Android app and adding location-based services to Nokia’s Ovi app. He said the momentum will continue with two new applications for devices coming soon. The reason for the company’s interest in mobile is clear: they say users are two times more engaged with Facebook if they use a mobile version.

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