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Мобильный дайджест События и факты, прямо или косвенно касающиеся мобильной игровой индустрии.

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"Nokia Launches Barring Solution For Safe, Controlled Use Of Mobile Content Services"
Solution, based on subscriber and mobile service recognition, lets mobile users control access to mobile content services. For example, parents can prevent children from accessing undesirable or unwanted services.

"Nokia 6630 Selected By Vodafone For Its 3G Handset Portfolio"
The Nokia 6630 imaging phone, fully customized for Vodafone, delivers the high-speed benefits of 3G to consumers in a compact package with a megapixel camera and advanced smartphone features.

"Nokia Adds SD Card Technologies To Its Flash Memory Card Portfolio"
Nokia applied for membership in the SD Card Association and signed a licensing agreement to enable use of SD memory cards in its devices. Nokia will also continue to support MultiMediaCards (MMC) in its mobile devices.
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