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Мобильный дайджест События и факты, прямо или косвенно касающиеся мобильной игровой индустрии.

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По умолчанию Sony Ericsson news

Sony Ericsson and Vodafone combine forces with the F500i camera and gaming phone

The new Sony Ericsson F500i phone is exclusively available for Vodafone Live!™, Vodafone's multimedia consumer service. Featuring a large color screen, integrated still and video camera, support for J2ME MIDP 2.0 and Java 3D as well as musical ringtones, the F500i offers consumers great opportunities to enjoy high-quality games and other services from Vodafone Live!™.

Sony Ericsson K500i: The great entertainer

The new Sony Ericsson K500i combines the latest messaging and connectivity technology with the newest entertainment features. With camera, animated themes, Java 3D, video and streaming support, this mobile phone is pushing the limit for what's to be expected from a phone.

ARM® Jazelle Java acceleration technology boosts performance

To further boost speed and performance of mobile devices, Sony Ericsson has extended its licensing agreement with ARM to cover JTEK software for use with Jazelle acceleration technology. The technology is aimed at devices running media-rich Java applications and will contribute to enhancing next-generation functionality such as gaming and media streaming.

Sony Ericsson makes strategic investments in Symbian

On July 7th, Sony Ericsson announced strategic investments, totaling approximately ?57.4 million (USD 107 million), in Symbian Software Ltd. This will increase Sony Ericsson's shareholding in Symbian from 1.5% to 13.1% and is proof of its strong commitment to the Symbian OS.

Developing for Java 3D

3D graphics will create new breeds of mobile applications. And with the introduction of the Sony Ericsson K700, Z500, S700, F500i and K500 series of phones, you can now write compelling J2ME MIDlets that display 3D graphics and animations in real time. Sony Ericsson will, over time, deploy 3D graphics technology in all of its mobile phones.
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