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По умолчанию EA to bring Sims franchise to Nintendo DS

Rob Fahey 11:03 16/07/2004
The Urbz joins Need for Speed in EA's catalogue of DS titles

Electronic Arts has announced that the next console evolution of the hugely popular Sims franchise, The Urbz: Sims in the City, is set to appear on the Nintendo DS around the time of the platform's launch in the USA this November.

The game, which is being co-developed for the DS by Griptonite Games, is the second title to be announced for the new Nintendo handheld by EA; the company's Need for Speed franchise was featured in the list of forthcoming titles for the system back at E3.

Reports from retailers earlier this week suggested that Nintendo will launch the DS in North America on November 11th at a price point of around $179.99, which would place The Urbz as a launch title for the new console - or as close as makes no difference.

The DS version of the game, which transports the Sims formula into a metropolitan environment, will use the touch screen for the menu system and will boast wireless multiplayer functions, as well as having the obligatory exclusive objects, characters, pets and mini-games.

EA has committed itself to supporting both the Nintendo DS and Sony's PSP, and has already announced a number of PSP titles including Need for Speed Underground, NBA Street, NFL Street and Tiger Woods Golf. No version of The Urbz has been announced for the Sony platform as yet, but it'd be pretty surprising if the game didn't appear on the system.

The Nintendo DS is expected to launch in Europe in Q1 2005, and although EA has made no mention of its plans for The Urbz in this territory, it seems likely that it will be a launch title for the platform here.

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